Welcome to the New ACE Website

Welcome to the new Alliance for a Clean Environment (ACE) website. It seems fitting that this post appears on April 22, Earth Day 2012.

This section of our website will provide interested and concerned members of ACE, residents of the immediate tri-county region closest to the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant (Berks, Chester, and Montgomery Counties), and anyone concerned about our environment and health with timely updates on events of importance.

Our intensive, in-depth public interest investigations of the nuclear power industry, Exelon, and the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant since 2000 have been summarized in the new website. ACE Blog Posts will be utilized to inform members of the community in the future. New posts will be added to our site as new information becomes available, and as events occur that the community has a right and need to know.

Please visit our website on a regular basis. An informed citizenry is our best hope for avoiding an unthinkable disaster. We encourage concerned members of the community to speak up, contact your elected officials, and join the growing ACE campaign to close the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant.

Dr. Lewis Cuthbert
ACE President

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