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Minimizing Chaos and Reducing Radiation Exposure By Improving Limerick

Nuclear Plant’s Fatally Flawed And Inadequate Emergency and Evacuation Plans.


Part #1    January 2013

In 2012, NRC Pared Down Emergency and Evacuation Plans

Problem:  After Documented Evidence Of Widespread Radiation Harms From Fukushima, In 2012, NRC Negligently Pared Down Emergency and Evacuation Plans For Limerick and Other Nuclear Plants.

Widespread Radiation Contamination Far Beyond The Evacuation Zone And Devastating Consequences In Japan Make It Clear That Limerick’s Current Evacuation Zone Must Be Expanded and Emergency Plans Must Be Improved, NOT Pared Down.

During Fukushima 2011 meltdowns, NRC called for a 50-mile evacuation zone for U.S. citizens in Japan.  ACE immediately urged NRC to expand Limerick Nuclear Plant’s evacuation zone from 10 miles to 50 miles to better protect people living in our region.

NRC overhauled community emergency planning for the first time in more than three decades, however NRC pared down emergency rules and evacuation plans, further jeopardizing the public and baffling many emergency responders and citizens across the nation.

Instead Of Attempting To Minimize Chaos And Reduce Radiation Exposure Through Better Emergency Planning and Drills For A Radioactive Accident / Meltdown:

1)       NRC Deceived The Public

2)       NRC Denied Radiation Risks and Harms

3)       NRC Weakened Emergency Rules

4)       NRC Failed To Expand Emergency Zones

NRC’s New Rules Make No Sense.  Despite Devastating Lessons After Chernobyl and Fukushima: 

1)       NRC Requires FEWER Exercises for Major Radiation Accidents

2)       NRC Recommends FEWER People Evacuate Right Away

3)       NRC Allows Emergency Drills To Be Run Without Practicing for Radiation Releases

Many responders view NRC’s new rules as downright bizarre.

NRC Attempted To Hide New Pared Down Emergency Plans and Drills  From The Public. 

1)       NRC Announced Revisions December 23, 2011, at the Peak of the Holiday Season.

2)       NRC and FEMA 12/11 and 1/12 Web Archives show NO news releases on evacuation plan changes, so most people were unaware safeguards have been minimized and eliminated.

3)       May 2012, the public had the first full disclosure on NRC’s Pared Down Emergency Rules, through an Associated Press Investigative Report by Jeff Donn, titled, Evacuation Plans, Emergency Drills Pared Down Near Nuke Plants”  (In Mercury 5/20/12 –

NRC went to extraordinary lengths to deceive the public about radiation exposure revealing just how little NRC cares about people like us who live in the region of a nuclear power plant.   News Articles Also Reveal That NRC:

1)       Failed to Pursue Emergency Planning Related to Decision-Making, Radiation Monitoring, and Public Education.

2)       Failed to Address Prolonged Station Blackout Conditions.

3)       Failed to Address A Multi-Unit Event, Such As Simultaneous Meltdowns In Limerick’s Two Reactors and Two Fuel Pools.

4)       Preparedness Focus Should Have Shifted To Dealing With Meltdowns Along With Natural and Severe Weather Events, Such As Earthquakes.


Why Did NRC Make New Emergency / Evacuation Rules Less Protective?

ü  NRC is valuing Exelon’s profits over public health and safety.   

From The Beginning, (In 1980), PECO, Limerick’s Original Owner, Attempted To Avoid Costs Associated With Evacuation Plans For Limerick Nuclear Plant

1980 Mercury News Article Reported – May 28, 1980


 NRC has long been aware original evacuation plans were deficient. 

August 3, 1983, GAO said, Nuclear Evacuation Plans Are Deficient” 

 Collusion in Japan reveals that  values which place money before life and health can lead to unnecessary and devastating consequences.  

ü  A 7-12 independent report said the Fukushima disaster was man-made and caused largely as a result of collusive efforts by the government, regulators and TEPCO to avoid developing and implementing basic safety requirements.

ü  It said failure to implement adequate measures to protect against nuclear accidents and poor planning by governments led to confusion over evacuation.  

For more evidence of NRC’s Negligent Decisions, see list of news articles on NRC.

New Pared-Down NRC Nuclear Rules For Evacuation Are Neither Protective Nor Acceptable.  We Must Work to Change Them BEFORE Meltdowns Happens At Limerick Nuclear Plant. 

  1. To Reduce Radiation Exposure, Fukushima Shows Us Immediate Notification Is Imperative, Limerick’s Evacuation Zone Should Be Expanded From 10 to 50 Miles, and the Ingestion Pathway Zone Expanded From 50 to 100 Miles. 
  2. ACE Is Starting A Campaign For Citizens and Elected Officials To Join Forces Now To Demand Better Protection For Millions In The Greater Philadelphia Region.   An ACE You-Tube and Blog Series Will Summarize Issues and Actions Needed.





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