Why Reduce Radiation Risks?

Why Reduce Radiation Risks

Radioactive Particulates Emitted Into Our Air

From Japan’s Nuclear Disaster   +   Limerick Nuclear Plant’s Routine Operations

Can Present Significant Health Threats To You And Your Family, Especially Children

  • To Better Understand How and Why Contact ACE (610) 326-2387

Ways To Minimize Risks

From Radiation Emissions

  •   Filter Water For Drinking, Cooking, Washing Food

ü  With Reverse Osmosis Filter – Must Have Pre and Post Carbon

                  Can Purchase Quality Unit From Suburban Water Technology, Gilbertsville

  •   Soak / Rinse Fruits and Vegetables To Limit Radioactive Particulates

ü  Soak For Extended Time In Bentonite Clay Liquid or Powder

With Toxic-Free Veggie Wash – Use Filtered Water to Soak and Rinse

  •   Limit Time Outdoors During Participation

    Demand Elected Officials Provide Radioactive Particulate Alerts (like for Ozone)

  •   Leave Shoes At The Door – In Precipitation, Leave Outer Clothes At Door.  
  •   If You Believe You Were Exposed To Higher Than Normal Levels Of Radiation

  Emissions From An Accident or Terrorist Attack At Limerick Nuclear Plant:

ü  Wear A Protective Mask.

ü  Change Clothes and Shoes – Put Exposed Items In A Plastic Bag.  Seal The Bag and  Place It Out Of The Way.

ü  Take A Thorough Shower.

ü  Seek Medical Attention If Available.

ü  Follow Emergency Management Directions.

ü  To Protect Specific Organs Attacked By Specific Radionuclides Entering The Body, You

Can Take Supplements Recommended By Physicians and Nutritionists Knowledgeable

About Exposure From Nuclear Plant Radionuclides.

  •   Reduce Radiation Exposure Impacts Using Supplements Recommended by

  Physicians, Experts -  Certified Radiation FREE

  •   Suggestions To Protect Yourself Nutritionally:

Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman Recommends a Comprehensive Approach:

ü  Sea Vegetables – Tested for Radiation

ü  Foods High in Beta-Carotine

ü  Potassium

ü  Calcium

ü  Mineral-Rich Foods

ü  Potassium Iodide, if necessary

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